About Us

Our aim is, making society healthy, wealthy and self dependent and stopping drainage of money from Bharat to abroad by promoting Indian products. On behalf of current changing scenario, Prithvi Herbal Ayurved Pvt. Ltd. opted a modern method of business Direct Selling.

In traditional method, there are many mediators between company and customer (Like National Distributor, Regional Distributor, Whole seller and Retailer) and a huge amount is being spent on advertisement. As a result a product with manufacturing cost Rs. 30 costs Rs.100 when it finally reaches to customer. Means Rs.70 go to mediators.

On the other hand, in Modern method, the product from company reaches to the customer directly and the 70% amount is distributed among customers according to the rules. Prithvi Herbal Ayurved Pvt. Ltd. provides high quality Indian products to protect you, your family and society from duplicate, low quality and foreign products, furthermore, opens a new way for your economic growth by turning your daily expenditure in to your income.